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Remembering Grams

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Remembering Grams

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:24 am

"Fuck!" Jason yelled as he threw the rock into the water, using all his strength to send the innocent pebble drowning into the darkest abyss. Fair description for his did everything he touch get fucked. He needed to get away far away, especially from Sookie, his little sister would be better off without him, she had Bill to protect her and even though he was a bloodsucking immortal, vampire freak-magnet, he'd keep her safe, something her big brother was never able to do. His home was fucking everywhere, he had nowhere to go.

He could think of one place, but the embarrassment crept across his face, his toxic blood flushing through his cheeks. He sat on the floor and gazed at the sky. He wondered what it would be like up there, would Grams bake for him like she always used to, or would servants do it. He could have fun with treacle, his young dog that he have to give up in his youth, unless there was a seperate heaven for animals and humans, but if the dead animals didn't get on where did they go?

All he wanted was him Grams, to tell him everything would be alright. He thought he had found his place in the world, but he was wrong.

All he wanted was his Grams.

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