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Preparing For An Attack


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Sexual Preparing For An Attack

Post by Christian on Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:24 pm

I had noticed an absent Jessica Hamby around the premises, it had been peacefully quiet around here which i enjoyed. Although i had been keeping tabs on her and was well aware of the recent changes to her health through the misleading friendship with the human. I was now preparing for an attack. I had been going through my plan very thoroughly to make sure that i had all area's covered. I had been preparing this for months, i wanted my revenge on the King of Louisiana.

I was well aware that his Maker Lorena had met the True Death by the hands of a human girl Sookie Stackhouse. But she was not my target any longer. I had my eyes set on another.

The time would come for my plan to be revealed.

My planning would all be worth it in the end.

I licked the remaining blood around my lips, as i scanned around the room that i had been using at the King's progeny daughter, there was several bodies drained fully of their blood. I knew what i had to do now. I had acquired a cell from one of the dead girls as i quickly dialed and waited for answer.

"When you see an opportunity. Take it!" I ordered and ended the call before i heard a reply.


The King of Louisiana would know.

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