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Jason Stackhouse Is Not Gay

Jason Stackhouse
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Sexual Jason Stackhouse Is Not Gay

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:50 am


The man in question was in the middle of stepping out of the bathroom when he glanced up and gulped. Normally, he wasn't a nervous man. He waltzed through life with his head held high. If things got fucked up, he was no better or worse for wear at the end.

But ever since Sarah had given him that damned hand job and they'd been sneaking around, Jason felt something normally void from his optimistic, confident self. Guilt.And the man who just spoke his name, sure as hell didn't help ease it.

"Steve" Jason greeted, throwing on a stupid grin. He only wore a fluffy, white towel around his waist and this sudden vulnerability only intensified his anxiety. "What're you doing sittin' in the shadows?"

Jason Stackhouse Is Not Gay True-b10

It wasn't Jason's imagination at all. Steve Newlin was purposefully sitting near a shadowed area of the room, studying him.

"Just wanted to have a little chat. There ain't nothin wrong with that is there silly?" Steve replied, his lips flinging up briefly.

"Alright. Well, I'm just gonna get dress-"

"It's a short chat" Steve promised, standing from the chair. "You wouldn't mind coming on over here, would you?"

Jason began reciting parts of the bible that he could remember, but halfway through, realized he'd gotten it confused with the LSU football state song. His wet steps against the carpet seemed to take an eternity before he finally reached his destination.

"What's up?" he questioned, thankful he'd just gotten out of the shower. Otherwise, his sweat would have been noticeable right away.

//Just play stupid, Jason. You're good at that//

"Won't you have a seat?"

The request was odd considering Steve had just stood, but to avoid further suspicion, Jason sunk down on his bed.

"Now" Steve began seriously, "It's understood that my wife and I are very impressed by you"

"Yes sir" Jason immediately replied, running a hand through his messy, wet locks.

Steve's eyes watched the motion for a moment.

"Uh...reverend Newlin?"

Shaking his head, Steve's gaze fell back down to Jason.

"You know to call me Steve" Steve Newlin insisted

Jason laughed nervously.

"Forgot" he muttered

"Yes" Steve replied. "Now my wife has mentioned some very interesting stories regarding you"

//Oh Jason, you're gonna eat shit now//

"Like what?" Jason asked, grin still pasted on. He'd milk his obliviousness for as long as he could.

Steve's eyes narrowed, observing the man sitting on the bed.

"Well...none of that is really important. I'm just kind of at a loss" he mentioned, taking one step forward.

Jason didn't know whether to start denying his involvement left and right or just sit there and pretend to act stupid.

"Don't know what you're talking about" Jason said, shrugging his shoulders.

Steve let out a short laugh before taking another step.This time, Jason got the chills. And not the good kind he'd usually get after seeing an opportunity to engage in a three-some with two gorgeous chicks.

"How about my wife giving you a hand-job in the bath tub?"

Mouth open, Jason recoiled.

"The hell are you talkin' about?" he asked, trying to smile. "Whatever Sarah told y-."

"Everyone else may enjoy the little dumb routine, but I certainly do not," Steve firmly stated, his hands clasped behind him.

Jason felt hot all of a sudden. As if the room didn't nearly have enough air circulating through it.

"Look" he began, "If it means anything, she came on to me first"

"But" Steve responded, now just a foot away him, "You returned her advances"

"Yeah, but-"

"And not just with the bath tub"


"In the choir section"


"In the hallway."

//Hallway? He didn't remember doing it in the hallway//


"And those are just of the places she told me"

Attempting to not panic and run his mouth into trouble like he had a good way of doing - although he couldn't figure out how much more trouble he could possibly be in - Jason stood to defend his case. He was caught off guard however, when Steve pushed him back down with one hand.

"Look, I know you're probably pretty pissed off right about now" Jason tried, his eyes not quite able to stay on the man's. "But I'm tellin' you, it's over now. Even prayed to Jesus for forgiveness, but then I got to thinkin' about all the other stuff I'd done and that ended up being a pretty long praying sess-"

"Shut up" Steve interjected.

Jason closed his mouth, watching the man above him cautiously. Steve sighed, bringing both hands to his sides.

"You are right. I'm pretty good and pissed" he stated firmly, his eyes stuck on Jason.

Never hearing the reverend swear before, Jason began thinking that he should have booked it last night like he had originally planned. Before Sarah went and told everything.

"I mean how could you even stand being with her? She's such a boring, unappealing mess" he complained

Unsure of what to say, Jason gave a sort of half nod-half shrug.

"It's obvious, isn't it? I bet she didn't even orgasm properly" Steve laughed

Flinching, Jason tried to put in a good word about Sarah in the sex department, but Steve had none of it.

"Did she do the whole thing with closing her eyes and muttering some nonsense before you even started touching her?"

Thinking that maybe he'd get out alive on this one, Jason replied,"Yeah. Thought she was being possessed or something."

"Hah" Steve mocked, shaking his head. "The only thing possessing her is a whore."

"Yeah" Jason agreed. He didn't mean it, but if it'd potentially set him loose without consequence, he was willing to say it.

"Far better looking women than her" Steve noted.

"Damn straight" Jason jeered.

"Lacks strongly in the endurance department" Steve Newlin shuddered at the thought of his wife Sarah at all.

"Afraid she was going to pass out after 10 minutes" Jason countered.

"Always wears the same, damn clothes" Steve argued, crossing his arms.

"Seen better women in a trailer park" Jason laughed.

"It should have been me you were fucking" Steve shouted to the heavens.

"Yeah-wait, what?" Jason questioned, his eyes flying up in confusion.

Steve still stood before him, but his eyes had taken on a brand new look.

"Oh come now" Steve chided, stepping forth to where their knees touched. "You know we have something between us"

Jason was so puzzled that he didn't even register Steve's hand falling to caress his cheek.

"Don't know what you saw in her, to be honest. Nothing but a slut" Steve smirked

"I ain't gay" Jason insisted

A dark smile passed over Steve's lips and his right hand began playing with the messy, wet locks hanging off of Jason's forehead.

"No?" was his only response.

"No" Jason stated back, severely uncomfortable with the man's ministrations.

//I love pussy, damn it//

He flung out a hand to knock away the one currently playing with his hair, but Steve surprised him by grabbing his wrist. The big surprise was the strength the man carried. Jason would have never thought by his scrawniness, him to be capable of it. Steve held on to it momentarily before throwing it away from him. However, this only encouraged him to bend over him so his face was directly above his.

"Lay back" Steve ordered, smiling the same cheery smile Jason was coming to think was creepy as hell.

"I ain't fuckin' gay. If you are, good for you. Got a friend back at home who's gay...L......" Shit! Jason had forgotten his name "Lafayette...Lafayette Reynolds" he began to panic, but his body refused to move, to shield himself away from Steve Newlin's sexual advances.

"Jason, you're absolutely adorable when you ramble. You'd be more adorable if you could take direction. Lay. Back"

Jason had no option but to do what the Reverend commanded, his body paralyzed from escaping. He could feel Steve begin to free him from his fluffy towel.

"My, my Jason. I can see why she cheated. I am going to enjoy this. Heavenly father I have sinned" Steve whispered.

Jason could feel his dick now in the hand of Steve Newlin. Jesus Christ, this ain't happenin. This ain't happenin!


He shot up straight from his bed, sweat pouring from every pore on his body, she sheets drenched in rivers of his sweat. Scanning the room thoroughly, the room was empty. Bowing his head, and placing his hands together, he prayed.

"Heavenly big guy in the sky. Thank you for makin it a god damn dream! Wait? Can i say damn to you? Don't smite me down big guy in the sky. I promise never to speak bad again. That train has now sailed, no more bad stuff, i promise..Amen and stuff" he sighed heavily.

"Jesus Christ" he muttered.

He quickly found the remote and switched on the TV, flipping through the channels until he found what he wanted; Red Hot Midnight

Just what he needed, he loved girls, girls, not men. He was not gay. Waiting until something he wanted to see came onto the screen; Jenny and Jasmine! Perfect!

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Jason was set out to prove he wasn't gay! He was as straight as....well he was just straight!

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