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Following Orders From a Higher Being

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Following Orders From a Higher Being

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Mon May 13, 2013 5:40 am

'You need to get your head together boy...something's coming...something evil'

'You need to protect your sister'

'Protect Sookie from whatever evil I feel coming'

Jason Stackhouse recited those phrases in the back of his mind, Grams said that something was coming and that he needed to protect Sookie. He didn't know where Warlow was or what the hell that fucker looked like. How could he protect his sister from someone that he had no clue about what to look for?

And where were those darn fairies? They were family. Why weren't they around helping him protect Sookie from this damn Warlow! He couldn't remember how to get to that fairy club that he and Sookie found Hadley at. Where was she anyway? After Russell Edgington attacked them all, it seemed that they had all scattered.

Jason would protect Sookie with his life, but first he needed to prepare. As he peeled his shirt off and pulled on his boxing gloves, he got into an arm stand as he began to flex his body in the air as he did up side down push ups.

Following Orders From a Higher Being 4-7-jason-working-out

He would be ready for Warlow when he came.

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