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Dear Diary

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Dear Diary

Post by Willa Burrell on Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:03 am

I never though Tara would pledge something so important …to me of all people . A pledge like that for us is very strong and life affirming, I really hope she meant it I know I did . To be each other’s life partner to never leave each other ,that’s big …that’s HUGE !!!!  I couldn’t have asked for anyone else except Eric and we all know he’s gone and never coming back ,so fuck him .I’m getting so tired of thinking of my dear Eric ,the maker who left ,the maker who taught me that all his other family was more important than me, the maker that taught me nothing ….so fuck him and I’m done with his journals too.Im going to throw those fucking things back where Tara found them …I’m done with Eric Northman …

(Willa got up from her desk and gathered up every bit of Eric Northman from her room and took it all back and flung it in the room where she got it .Papers went flying everywhere ,what did she care she was done with Eric and everything that had to do with him and what did Eric care he was never returning to the cabin .She took one look back and slammed the door and went back to her room .She sat at her desk again and started writing again )

So with Eric out of my head I wanted to tell you about our new home Tara bought for us ….OH MY GOD it is so beautiful and out of the way which is great .Tara scared the crap out driving up there but once we got there I was in love . I love old things and this house was so elegant and old but redone anew.Just breath taking from the outside in and I couldn’t be more surprised that Tara would choose something like that …its more my taste then hers …maybe we aren’t so far apart after all …I really don’t know her very well …I would have thought her tastes would have been more rough ,present ,oh I don’t know just not that she doesn’t seem the type to like elegant antique type of things but who am I to say .I am just glad she did what she did because I think we are going to need it .

I know I saw someone follow us at least part way to the house, now it could have been Bills guards trying to keep up  or it could have been someone else .I was just glad Tara lost them without even knowing she did which tells me that if she had known it would have been easier for her which is nice to know. But I’m still scared …and I don’t know what to do about it …I think I’m going to ask Bill for more guards or where I can find reliable guards for hire for here at the cabin and Fangtasia and if Tara doesn’t like it to bad . I know what’s coming I have heard the guards talk ,they are to chatty I’ll have to talk to Bill about that as well . They don’t know I sneak around at night to get the latest gossip from the mansion when guard detail turns over that’s when they are the chattiest with each other and I guess they have to be but I  think they are talking more than they should be . I know someone has betrayed Bill and was working for Texas, if that could happen and that someone got into the mansion anything could happen. I heard that the war is getting worse and Bill has clamped down on his security big time and we are left out here to fend for ourselves …Yes I know I wanted this but now I’m worried …I need to talk to Bill about our safety .And I need to talk to Tara about my training I am a walking unprotected baby vampire without skills and if anyone found out that I’m the progeny of Eric Northman I might be in a world of hurt ….Ok I need to make a list of what to do …

1 Talk to Bill about adding more guards here and at Fangtasia
2 Talk to Tara about more guards and my training
3 Get rid of all of Eric’s belongings I’m done with him
4 Try to get more info from guards on war
5 Go to new house and start making it our own

(She puts down her pen and calls Bill but only gets to leave a message)

“ Hello Bill this is Willa ,I need to talk to you about the addition of some more guards here at the cabin and at Fangtasia .I know I fought you about them in the past but with the upcoming war I would like more protection for myself and Tara .Please call me back as soon as you can . Thank you “

( She hung up her phone and got ready to go to Fangtasia and check out how far the workers have come with the plumbing and everything else )

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