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John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual Expected

Post by John Quinn on Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:29 am


Quinn was dozing with Rajat in front of the TV when his phone buzzed softly. He moved slowly so he would not wake Rajat and pulled out his phone. When he opened it, he saw a brief message that Tijgerian had left the house and scraps of clothing had been found at the edge of the woods. He typed in a simple response.

~No concern needed. Set a chair near where you found the scraps with a robe and a white rose. She will return when she is ready. Don't forget the rose.~

He sent the message and set his phone in the side table in case they needed him again. He looked down at Rajat and smiled. Yes...he could let her win this one. He had already gained his victory.

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