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There Has To Be Blood

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual There Has To Be Blood

Post by Bill Compton on Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:32 am

Beneath the layer of flesh of Bill Compton, the veins that once ravished with blood that spilled over as water from a fountain no longer existed. The lack of pure, clean blood that once existed was now like gold dust. Bill Compton could afford any object, person or land that he wished to purchase with a click of a finger. But the one thing that he craved above all else was the blood of the clean, bottle blood even. With Dexter explaining that his latest shipment order has been hi-jacked and was now scattered god knows where.

Bill did not have the energy to fight with his this evening, not truly knowing himself how far he would in deed go and Dexter right now was the only one he could trust right now. His veins felt like sand paper scratching below the surface of his skin, at one attempt he felt like tearing his own flesh open to sooth the irritation. He had ordered Dexter to have only vampire staff to be in the mansion after dark, he could not be too careful with Jessica life and the man whom she was infatuated with currently.

He still did not fully trust that James, but he had enough to know that he could keep Jessica safe. The blood that he Sookie had willingly given him had worn off and no longer flowed through his veins but he could still feel her. The thought had passed through his mind on making another visit to her and explaining the situation to her about the severity of the lack of blood available to vampires. But he did not want her to believe that he was only using her for her blood, he loved Sookie he always had done, and knowing that the wolf boy would cause a problem.

His body craved blood above all else right now, he could not fully concentrate on anything right now. Closing down his computer screen he stood from his desk and made his way out of the office. Bill needed to find some sort of blood source soon, before he or Jessica became blood thirsty and put their lives at risk from Hep V.

There had to be some blood out there......Somewhere.

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