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I need love too

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual I need love too

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:43 am

Lafayette was pissed more pissed than he has ever been. Why should everyone else be happy and poor Lafayette be alone .He has every right to have someone but his someone was taken from him by this damn town .This motha fuckin town and its crazy ass town folks always askin for this or that from him and what does      he get in return a big fat bowl of nothing .

“Why the fuck should red bone get to keep that hot chunk of meat when its clear she doesn’t even care about him …she doesn’t even know where he came from  …What hes all bout …Why the fuck should this old hen sit on the side lines and wait for her boney ass to figure it out ….better for everyone of she just got off the pot and let ol Lafayette take the reins ..this is motha fuckin madness..”

Driving down the road to his house he runs the whole scenario through his head again and again …

“If he was happy with red he wouldn’t have been so eager to ride the black bullet …She has just gots to let the man go that’s all there is to it …Red you just gots to let the man go ..Lets the man go …Lets the man go ”he yells into the wind

Pulling into his driveway he gets out of the car goes into his house turns on all the lights on as is his ritual and hits the stereo on .He goes into his room and takes off his party ware slides on some sweats ,goes out into the living room  then pours himself some Jack and stuffs a bowel in the bong and sits heavily on the couch .He doesn’t really know what to do next about James ,he knows he wants to see him again but how.Will James come to him  ..

“He will come to me if he wants a to eat again …cuz Im his motha fuckin food source …”

He thought if only he could talk to James about what happened then he could make him see that red bone isn’t for him .Oh shit who was he kiddin red was gonna win she would always where James was concerned he loved her and Lafayette was just a momentary laps in judgment.He downed his Jack took another puff off the bong and decided to add some little round pills into the mix cuz he didn’t want to be feeling anything by the time the sun rose …

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