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I Want To Break Free

Brianna Jackson

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Sexual I Want To Break Free

Post by Brianna Jackson on Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:13 am

"I want to break free.....I want to break...."

Brianna continued to bellow the notes from her lungs as she continued to dance around her bedroom as she swayed her hips in tune with the song that blared from her new i-pod that was docked on brand new speakers.

She couldn't believe that she would be starting a new job at Fangtasia soon, Bill had finally let her out of the mansion. Although she would have guards around with her at all times; but at least it was something. She had never been to the vampire bar after all the stories that her father told her about the place. But she had always been curious what it was going to be like, but now she was going to be working there.

And it was all thanks to Willa, she had someone convinced Bill that it would be a good thing to get outside and experience the good things about being a vampire. But there was something that Brianna still didn't get the hang off, she didn't like drinking the bottled blood, she preferred it straight from the vein like Jessica did, but she still hadn't mastered it properly always making a mess of feeding and never knowing when to stop.

Maybe Willa would teach her how to do it? Or she could ask Bill before she started since he only wanted her to feed from pre-screened humans first.

But right now, she was too excited to think about anything, she was breaking free.

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