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Poor baby ...

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Poor baby ...

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:17 am

Class was back in For Willa and it couldn’t be sooner for her ,she was getting bored sitting around the house .She got out of bed pulled her robe on then headed downstairs where Vex was already finished with his dinner and was getting ready to take the pups on a perimeter run …

“Hey if you give me a couple Ill come and join you before I have to go to school ..I need a run ..”

She went back upstairs and changed into her running outfit with her steelies as footwear then headed back down stairs putting her hair up as she went …

“I cant believe you were going to go without me you know how dangerous it is still…even if the infected are dying off  there are still some that could have the strength to attack …and you are still healing …you don’t need to be fighting infected by yourself …you could be killed …”

Willa scolded him like a child and Vex was having none of it …

“Willa I know you care about me but really I can hold my own ..I was a Navy Seal you know ..a couple infected would not bring me down …you have to stop treating me with kid gloves …I need to do things on my own like taking the pups out by myself ..and if I run into infected I need to know I can take care of myself ..I use to be a bad ass killing machine myself you know …”

He looked over at Willa with pleading in his eyes …

“I need to do this by myself …if it makes you feel better Ill take the walkie talkies  ..and if I need you Ill call you …ok mom  ?”

The mom statement hurt a little ,she had not tried to act like his mom but a concerned friend ..

“Ok sure …I have tons of things to do before I go back to class anyways …call if you need me …”

Vex headed out the door and Willa up to her room to change into her school clothes .Thinking maybe it was time for Vex to go to the VA hospital ,she would miss him terribly but he was distracting from her goal .And he didn’t seem to be flourishing here any longer ,he needed more help then she could give him .She figured she would talk to him about it later right now she had to concentrate on getting her things ready for her new classes .

Taking Accounting Ethics the second year to her accounting degree and taking the paralegal degree she wanted to better understand the legal part of her schooling for next semester when she takes 1st yr law .She was excited to get back to work .But the Dean had booked her another TV interview for next week and in between he had 2 others booked for a magazine and the Shreve Port Journal. It was amazing how busy she was ,she really had no time for anything else .She was getting use to the excitement but really all she wanted to do was learn .

Just as she was ready to head out the door Vex showed back up carrying Daisy .She was bleeding from a wound on her leg it was deep and needed stitches .He set her on the kitchen table and told Willa to get the medipack he keeps in his room .Willa rushed upstairs and was down in a flash …

“What the hell happened to my dog …I told you I should go with you …did an infected do this to her …Vex talk to me …what the fuck happened ???”

Willa was in tears as she watched Vex work on Daisy .He took clippers and clipped all the hair away from the wound and it looked awful .It was about 8 inches long and a couple wide ,she was losing a lot of blood  ...

“We have to take her to a vet ..come on I have a great one Ill call him ..lets go before she loses anymore blood ….Vex what are you waiting for  she gonna die …”

Willa was panicking as she watched Vex take a vile of fluid out of his pack and inject Daisy in several places around the wound .Then he started to stitch her up with perfect little stitches .In about ten minutes he had her all stitched up ,he gave her another injection then wrapped her leg in gauze and let her off the table ..

“She should be ok now Willa …the sutures should come out in about 14 days …if you want to take her to your vet you still can but she should be ok …I have stitched my men worse than I did your dog and they lived  …she will have a nice scar but it shouldn’t be to bad ..”

“So what happened out there …were you attacked ?”

“No she saw a deer and went after it …ran through some barbed wire and got herself all caught up in it …the more I tried to get her out the more she struggled until I finally got her out …luckily we wernt far from home ..so I double timed it home ..”

“And where did you learn to stitch like that ?”

“Every Seal knows first aid and how to suture wounds ..never done it on a dog before …I have pain killers but we have to check and make sure they are dog friendly before we give them to her …maybe a call to your vet might be in order for antibiotics and painkillers for her …I could go pick them up while you are at school ..”

“Yes that a good idea Ill call him right now before I go to school …youll watch her while Im in class ?”

“You better believe it …well be couch potatoes …”

Willa hated leaving Daisy but she really had no choice this was the first day of the start of the new semester and she needed to get her books and schedule.She called the Vet and was told medications would be waiting for Vex to pick them up as long as she brought in Daisy in the morning which she agreed to ,anything to help her pup .

At school she could barely concentrate on anything she was so worried about Daisy .By mid break she made her excuses gathered all her books ,schedules and notes then headed home .Once home she put her work on the kitchen table then headed for the couch and cuddled with Daisy .Vex came out of the washroom with a surprised look on his face …

“What ya doing home …I thought you would be gone most of the night …I was planning on sleeping on the couch with the pups so she wouldn’t be alone and I could hear her if she needed anything ..”

“Well I couldn’t concentrate on anything   so I came home …you don’t have to sleep on the couch ..Ill just take her up to my room and she can sleep on her bed up there ..Im so worried about her ..the Vet needs to see her in the morning can you take her ?”

“Sure no problem … well Im gonna hit the hay then …do you need anything before I go ?”

“When was her last pain killer ..and does she need anything medical wise during the night ?”

“She should have another one around 5 am but that should be it unless she starts to bleed through her bandage ..you should be ok …”

“Thanks so much Vex you have done so much for her ..good night ..”

Willa watched Vex head upstairs then she turned her attention to Daisy .She pulled down the day shades just in case she didn’t make it upstairs to bed .She cuddled Daisy on one side of the couch and Torque cuddled her on the other with Miss Meow in the center on the back of the couch all worried about their best friend .They stayed there the whole night all four of them comforting each other like a family should .

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