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Arabella's Tale (part 1)

Arabella Trillo
Arabella Trillo

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Sexual Arabella's Tale (part 1)

Post by Arabella Trillo on Mon Sep 09, 2013 6:12 am

Arabella was born in Sorcha, Italy to a good family. Sadly her mother died in childbirth, but her father never blamed her. He did all he could to make a wonderful life for his 'Bella' but died in battle while she was still very young, making her an orphan. An older gentleman, one known for his patronage and love of music, took her into his household with several other children that had been orphaned by the civil war following Mussolini's disastrous crusade. He was overjoyed to find that Arabella shared his passion for music. Her favorite thing in the world was a beautiful violin, the last gift her father had given her. When her new patron discovered this, he hired the best instructors that money could buy. Over the years, she slowly became his favored daughter and was denied nothing.

On her twentieth birthday, he told her that it was time for her to learn his secrets. He then explained who and what he truly was. She had always wondered why they never saw him during the day and now she knew. Rather than being frightened, she was fascinated and wanted to know more. Over the next year, he taught her everything he dared to about vampires. She was also told that on her twenty-first birthday she would have a choice to make. She could remain as she was or become like him and remain his daughter until True Death separated them.

Arabella's Tale (part 1) Arabel11

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