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Thoughts on Magic..

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Thoughts on Magic..

Post by Willa Burrell on Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:36 am

(Work was a whirlwind of heavy music and weird people ,she was glad to be home .With her arms full of the books Lafayette gave her to read she headed up stairs to her room noticing again that Tara wasn’t home but at least this time she had a text saying she was ok and was heading to her cousins .She put her books on her bed and changed into so comfy clothes which for Willa consisted of fluffy sweat pants and a matching sweat shirt .Little Miss Meow greeted her with several meows rubbing in and out of her legs ,she picked her up and kissed her on the head .As she puts her down she notices a book she hadn’t gotten to at work it was the History of Louisiana and its Weird and Wonderful People  ,she took the book and flipped through it .While flipping through the book and scanning it as only a vampire can she stopped when she got to a segment about her family ...)

** The Burrell family has been a remarkable family indeed. Fleeing prosecution in England they were counted as coming over and landing in New York in 1783,Mr Theon Burrell and his family were branded witches by the Catholic Church in 1781 by Cardinal Lucas .They escaped the witching trials with the help of Priest David  whom was a family friend and could not bear to see the family hanged for witchery.Priest David was put to the torch for helping the family escape in 1785 after being tortured and branded a witch himself .

In 1785 the Burrells were known to move to Louisiana and purchased the plantation Wind of Willows  the main crop was Hemp .In 1795 the Burrells were known to have the biggest Hemp plantation in all of Louisiana .Mrs Burrell was known for her healing powers during this time and was labelled the towns healer  which caused allot of problems with the rising scientific and religious communities .As she taught her healing to her daughters and Mr Burrell taught farming to his sons the Burrells were fast becoming a family to be reckoned with,as they amassed a huge fortuned and much respect from the locals  . **

(She flipped some more in the same book and found some more about her family.She was so surprised that her family had witchcraft in her background ,maybe thats why it was so easy for her Grandmother to contact her .She found a snippet about her Grandmother Willamenia ...)

** After her mother died Willamenia Burrell continued to heal   the local folk in her town even though it was noted in the Governors’ ledger that she had been warned to cease and desist least she be labelled a witch  .There were trials where Mrs Burrell was found innocent of witchery but was told to heal no more as there was a true Doctor in the town that the towns people should be going to and if she was found to be healing that she would be fined and thrown in jail ,as the trail notes read.**

(She continued to read through the book some more but there were no more entries about her family .She wondered if any of the healing powers traveled through the blood lines and she wondered if that is why she had so much trouble feeding off humans ,why she couldn’t handle their suffering .She took out her diary and started to write ...)

More questions now more than ever now ...It has been a crazy few days ...first Pam finds out I took all of Fangatsia’s money I’m so glad we didn’t spend it ...I won’t tell Tara though I will still let her think we spent a good amount of it she enjoyed herself so much I can’t take that away from her ...And then Pam tried to make me dance because she didn’t like my hooker clothes...which I don’t understand I was wearing exactly what she wears ..she must not like the way she looks  ..sometimes looking in a mirror is hard ...So back to the jeans and tees but I refuse to go back to tennis shoes I love the new shoes and boots I’ve been buying I’ll be damned if I’m giving those up ...

I wish I knew what was going on with this stuff with my Grandmother... more questions than ever ...she said I was made to protect Lafayette ...but how would Eric know that and he wouldn’t make me to protect a human no way no how ...she said I it was my purpose now ...maybe she meant I was made to be  a protector  and not just for Lafayette but in general ...oh this is going to drive me crazy ...Im going to have to ask Eric that is what it is going to have to come down to ...but I really don’t want to he scares the hell out of me ...but I guess I better put my big girl pants on and ask him ...Ill leave that for after the séance ...

Séance that has me worried ...Lafayette said his Grandmother was the Queen of Voodoo that is a little scary ...Im not sure what to think of meeting the Queen of Voodoo and Lafayette didn’t seem to keen on it either ...And it seemed that my Grandmother had her own powers as well that were passed down daughter to daughter and originally from Theon Burrell ...Ill have to do some more research on Theon Burrell and see what I can come up with ... it is all so weird finding out that my family has some sort of witchcraft in my heritage does that mean I can do magic or have magic in my blood ...I wonder if Lafayette could help me with finding out ..or maybe when we talk with my Grandmother she will be able to shed some light on this ..it would be cool if I had some magic ...all I would have to say is some weird words and make Pam a cockroach ...and she would be scurrying  along the floor of Fangtasia with her little legs and antenna flicking about ..( she starts to giggle at the thought of Pam as a cockroach running around Fangtasia ordering people about ) ..

(She puts her diary aside and goes downstairs to get  True Blood and feed the puppies ,then lets them outside for a pee .She sits outside with them thinking about being a magical being and what that would mean ,what responsibilities that would entail and how that would impact her life if it were true .She gets the pups back in the house and goes back upstairs with puppies in tow  ,everyone including Miss Meow all cuddle on her bed and settle down for the rest of the night with Willa thinking about being able to do spells and magic as she fell into a fitful sleep ...)

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