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Thinking Time.

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Thinking Time.

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:13 pm

*What the fuck has been going on ova here? First fucking Andy had 4 baby girls. By some bitch with lights in her vagina. I'd like to see how the fuck Andy is going to raise 4 girls on a cop salary? Who the fuck knows all I know is that Holly betta tell that nigga he needs to learn not to fuck bitches with Lights coming out of places lights shouldn't be. Shit knows that fucker was on V for so long he must have thought she wasn't real. Fuckin Tara is still being a bitch, I hear from Sookie and Jessica that she is now dating Pam. WOW this bitch turns full on lesbian and this bitch has the nerve to leave me out of her life still? Shit a nigga was just tryin to keep the only damn thing that was keeping ME alive. I guess that is fuckin selfish of me, but fuck. She should know that we were just tryin to help the bitch. But hell naw she still wants to keep her damn butt hurt panties in a bunch. Why the fuck is it so hard just to text back and say "Damnit bitch I know why you did it." I mean something. The bitch needs to let a mothafucka in on what the fuck is going on. I mean all the fucking damn times this bitch came to my HOUSE every time her drunk as mother was fuckin pissing her off. After all the damn times I had the bitches back no matta if she was fuckin wrong or not!!* Lala-"This is some fuckin Jerry Springer shit right hurr" *Laughing my ass off as I watch the damn redneck white folk fightin on TV. Shit I should take my bitch as vampire COUSIN on that damn shit. Maybe that white boy Jerry could talk some scense into that bitch! Who the fuck knows when it comes to Tara. She always has been set in her ways. No one can change that bitches mind, shit not even herself.* Lala- “Why the fuck does it have to be so hard, I thought as time when on this shit was gunna get easier?” *Yea I know why it isn’t getting easier, I killed my damn boyfriend. Before I even thought it I looked up at the ceiling before I could even think it my lips were already moving.* Lala- “You are fuckin punishing me aren’t you? I killed my boyfriend, and now my cousin. Shit my other otta be dead she crazy enough to think she is everything else but dead.” *Finishing looking at the ceiling, I stopped to think about my damn mother. Maybe there is something to her craziness? Maybe there is a reason she always said she heard people talking in her head. Shit I hear people now-a-days. But damn, maybe the doctors had it all wrong. Maybe she isn’t as crazy as she acts.* Lala- “Hell naw my momma is as crazy as a redneck with their moonshine.” *Laughing before I lay my head on the couch to finish watching these rednecks pull each other hair. I look at the last picture taken before “I killed” Jesus. It was him and I on out date. We went and say Twilight, it was kinda a joke. “Since we live in a world of vampires its nice to make fun of them and think they are actually cool. With Glitter.” He had a point, it was nice to get away from the evilness of real vampires. And seeing vampires that you can actually like and not be afraid of. That made it for me. I sigh for a moment before looking back to the TV. Nights like this I really missed Jesus. I felt more alone now that he’s gone and Tara’s gone then ever. Only thing I has left is Sookie and the Bar. Might as well make the best of what I have left. Memories and a few people I can call family.*
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