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Past and a present

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual Past and a present

Post by John Quinn on Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:29 pm

Quinn locked the door as he entered his haven. He knew he needed to finish it soon. He was never good with words. Especially around her. He still remembered that first night. He walked across the room to the alcove with it's lone photograph and smiled. It had faded over the years since it was taken, but she was still beautiful in it.

Past and a present Tijger10

He had wondered since that day if she realized he took it. Now though, she was here under his roof and his surprise was far better than just a photograph. Soon it would be finished, and now there was a place waiting for it. He walked back over to the easel and looked at the sketch, then at the painting....it was coming along, but it still needed more. It was hard to steal away time to work on it though. She was always wandering in at the wrong moment. At least she had not found the door to this place. Not even Jessica had seen inside here.

Past and a present Tijger11
As his fingers traced the lines of the sketch, he smiled, thinking back to that first meeting. He had just walked into the bar after work and could almost feel her presence. She was like him, and he knew she could sense it as well. They approached one another, but with very different reasons. Since the poachers, he had not seen another tiger outside his family. He knew they were becoming scarce. after too many drinks and too little time, she made her case. She wanted a son, nothing more or less. He was the best option since she wanted to keep the blood pure. She thought it was just business, but he felt something...even back then. He knew one day he would have a chance to change her mind, but then everything hit the fan and the rules all changed. His deal with the Authority kept her safe, but it also kept him away. He smiled as he thought of all their remains buried in that stinking rubble. He sighed and smiled, turning back to the painting. He wanted to finish it tonight and ha set aside the time he would need. He looked at the painting and smiled. Not a bad job....but not done yet...He knew she would be surprised.

Past and a present Tijger12

He was just going to hang it up. He was curious how long it would take her to notice it hanging there where Brianna's picture used to be. He knew Vincent had sent it to Bill. He had thought of doing it himself but he decided to let Vincent think he was being sneaky. He had the place for it, but first he needed to get to work on it...

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